Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Podcasting Mania!

(This is the "raw" text of an article I wrote for M|ph Blog).

Its not exactly a new technological breakthrough, but podCasting has been experiencing a really big boom in these past few months. The inclusion of podcast subscriptions in the latest version of iTunes helped a lot in bringing this technology to the "masses".

In a nutshell: Podcasting is simply another method of distributing an audio files on the internet. What makes it different is its content. A quick browsing at the podcasting directory of iTunes (or any other podcasting directory for that matter) will overwhelm a casual 'net surfer with the sheer amount of content available. From the inane (comedy/parody) to the hardcore esoteric (conspiracy theories, secular humanism, etc.) there is a podcast for anyone who would care to download and listen.

As I've said, the selection is simply massive and it takes a lot of time and patience to sift through all the podcasts available in order for a person to find and subscribe to a podcast that fits his interests and lifestyle. I personally subscribe to a few podcasts and here are some of my favorites:

LeoRadio: This is where a Leo LaPorte fan can get their "Leo" fix. From hosting "Call for Help" and "The Screensavers" is a ubiquitous fixture in the podcast scene and he's as lovable as ever.

Skepticality: They dubbing itself as "truth in podcasting", Skepticality tackles issues that are otherwise ignored by the mainstream media. They look at current issues with a critical eye and they never accept anything at its face value.

We Hate Tech: A tongue-in-cheek look at current technology issues. Rated by iTunes as "explicit", the irreverent hosts pokes fun at almost all the things nerds hold sacred and nothing is left out.

Top Dogs in Manila: Another "explicit" podcast about the local "party scene".

Podcasting has the potential to be a powerful media. It allows the otherwise "voiceless" individuals to share their thoughts throughout cyberspace. I wonder if mph will have a podcast of their own???

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