Saturday, July 29, 2006

CPTP Exams: This time its personal

Yet another very personal post:

I'm posting this immediately after taking my CPTP (Certified Penetration Testing Professional) Certification Exams.  This is the last batch that will be taking the said examination because CPTP certifications has been already superceded by CPTS (Certified Penetration Testing Specialist).  Will the exams will be in vain since the examinations has already been phased out and replaced?  Will I even pass the exams?  If (and when) I do pass the said exams, will I then be intruduced as "berniej, the certified penetrator"?

We'll just have to wait and see won't we?

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Jon said...

Wow. I can't believe there is a course out there teaching how "penetrate" computer systems. But I do see there is a great demand for people with those skills in this age. Good luck!