Monday, July 10, 2006

Mac Freeware: SeisMac and SmackBook Pro

Here's a pretty useless freeware for the MacBook/MacBook Pro -- the SeisMac.

This program accesses the built-in sudden motion sensor of the MacBook and displays a real-time graph of the motion it detects -- very much like a real seismograph.

The sudden motion sensor is a feature on most modern Apple laptops to help protect its hard drive in case it is dropped or suddenly jogged inside a case.  However, a plethora of programs had cropped up taking advantage of this sudden motion sensor, the first one being the Smackbook -- another program that works like the Alt-Tab combination to scroll through open applications but instead of using Alt-Tab (or Apple-Tab for the Macintosh), you smack your laptop on one side to change apps.  Pretty violent huh?

Well, its a way of "maximizing" the use of a gadget and another way of getting their money's worth for laptop thats more expensive than the average computer.

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