Thursday, August 31, 2006

AT&T: Hackers accessed customers' cards

ABS-CBN Interactive:

SAN FRANCISCO - Hackers broke into one of AT&T Inc.'s computer networks and stole credit card data and other personal information from several thousand customers who shopped at the telecommunication giant's online store.

AT&T said it was notifying "fewer than 19,000" customers whose data was accessed during the weekend break-in, which it said was detected within hours.

Its incidents such as this one that prevents people from fully adopting online businesses. As for AT&T, it would take a lot of damage control to win back the confidence of their customer base. I'm sure heads rolled in the information security division of AT&T (if they have such a division). As a self-styled "Information Security Ninja" of my company, this is my worst nightmare.

Excuse me while I check my firewall and router logs...

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