Tuesday, August 01, 2006

E-Scarf: Crapware?


Call me skeptical but when someone tries to sell me an "e-scarf" that's suppose to protect my brain from being fried by the radiation from mobile phone my spider-sense starts to tingle.

If I remember my high school physics, a flimsy fabric even if it has "metal silver gloom" will not be enough protection from harmful radiation.  If radiation can be blocked by flimsy materials such as these, that radiation may not even be harmfui at all.  Products like these reminds me of those metallic stickers that are supposed to boost cellphone signals when stuck at the back of your cellphones (fyi: these stickers are not effective at all!) and other similar magical products.

But if you do like to buy these e-scarves for their radiation protection properties, I have some magic beans to sell too.

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