Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Easy Way to Email Security

I stumbled upon this website that outlines the "How's" and "Why's" of email security.

What seeks to achieve is to promote the idea of digital signature and encryption in plain English sans the technobabble a lot of How-To's often use to make itself look "techie".  What makes it a credible site is that it recommends the use of a Free and Open Source software which rules out any nefarious ulterior motives (except the promotion of FOSS, OpenPGP and GPG).

If you don't want people snooping around and reading your emails, maybe its time to "secure my email".

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milal said...

Encryption is great, definetly the first step to email security. But to competely protect outbound email, you must apply a different kind of protection. When you only use encryption, the message and any attachments are left defenseless once they are recieved by the addressee.

Encryption IS essential, but it must be used with something like an email anti-theft application, which allows the sender to prevent unauthorized distribution by disabling functions such as copy/paste/forward/printscreen.