Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fifth Third Bank: Phishing Alert!

One of the first things I do once I get to my sanctum sanctorum (otherwise known as my office cubicle) is to check on my email. I get a kick out of the lame way some spammers try to get around my local spam filtering software called SpamBayes by misspelling Viagra (Vjiagra), watches (//atches), replica (REjPLICA) but SpamBayes eventually gets them all.


One email had my attention for a few seconds.  An email from the Fifth Third Bank.  I know that this is some sort of a spam since SpamBayes promptly removed it from my inbox.  I took a closer look at it (it was dumped into my Junk Mail folder) and it was indeed SPAM.  It seems to target Outlook Express users since its body is actually a .png image file with a message basically saying that their bank is upgrading their facilities and I should click the link in the message so I can "confirm my user details".

I've never heard of the bank before but a quick Google search confirms that this message is indeed a phishing scam.  I am not a depositof of the Fifth Third Bank so I'm not affected by it but my sense of social responsibility prompted me to post this so that somehow I can prevent anyone from being a victim of this scam.

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jun asis said...

I tried to contact you but didn't know your number/email! PNB is a target of phishing... see my post here