Thursday, August 31, 2006

Flashdrives for the Paranoid and the Packrat

Today, I saw two very interesting flashdrives.

One is Verbatim's "Store 'n Go" Secure USB Drive. This flashdrive has capacity ranging from 256 MB to 4 GB. Their "General Consumer" model may or may not use the built-in security features but the high-end "Corporate" model requires mandatory password protection. It also uses a 128bit AES encryption algorithm which is hashed using the SHA-1 standard. The Corporate model will automatically wipe its contents after 10 failed password entries.

USB Flash Memory

The next one on our plate is Toshiba's new "TransMemoryTM" flashdrives. Nothing too spectacular about this except that they will release a "limited edition" 16 GB(!) variant. Now, that's really impressive considering that the first computer I used had a whopping 20 MB of hard disk space. These TransMemory flashdrives are U3-compliant so users may install U3-compatible programs directly into it and run those programs wherever they may need them.

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