Wednesday, August 23, 2006

INQ7.Net: SIM registration not guarantee vs phone theft--group

SIM registration not guarantee vs phone theft--group -
 By Alexander Villafania
Last updated 11:15pm (Mla time) 08/22/2006

Even if government forces the registration of mobile phone SIM (subscriber identification module) cards, it is not an assured method of preventing stolen phones from being traded, according to a group of mobile phone technicians.

The All-Pinoy GSM Organization, Inc. (TAPGSM) said in a statement that the process is tedious and pre-paid subscribers may decide not to register their SIMs.

Hah!  Would you believe it if chicharon sellers proclaim that there's no conclusive link between eating chicharon bulaklak and high cholesterol level?  Would you believe it if liquor stores issue a statement saying that there's no guarantee that excessive alcoholic beverages can cause cirrhosis of the liver?  Would you believe a pusher if he says that use of marijuana can actually help relieve stress of modern living?

The group issuing the statement here are sellers of "second-hand" cellphone units.  These people know their way around cellphones and they even have the technology and facility to change the IMEI of units that they "fix".  I am not generalizing here but where else would a stolen cellphone end up with?  Will they be bought back by the telcos?  Will they be "repaired" by Nokia Care or Authorized SonyEricsson Service Centers?  It is a well-known fact that stolen cellphones are being dumped on their laps every single day -- either to sell or to "fix".

A cellphone with blocked IMEI will no longer work.  Bring one to any of these technicians and they'll "fix" it for more or less 500 pesos.  To make these shops/kiosks as a "blotter" station is like having wolves guard a flock of sheep.

An appeal to the task force against phone theft
Please have the political will to enforce the registration of cellphones and prepaid SIMs.  You have the power to prevent further loss of property and lives with this initiative.

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jun asis said...

I actually have an idea for SIM registration and it may work out all the better in the end.

Incentives! What would be the incentive of a SIM card owner to register? Some ideas:

1. Free Load - instead of telcos giving this automatically, they can twist it a bit. Or even increase the free text.

2. Freebies from Ad companies - Not the spam that we get from ringtone sellers. It may be a discount coupon (or better electronic!) or even a raffle stub.

3. I'm not sure about this one.. If SIM cards still expire after x number of days of zero load, registering would extend this (or even make it infinite) so they can still receive messages and calls.

4. Also, getting a no-expiry may be used by telcos for ads.