Monday, August 14, 2006

Magic Sing: There Ought to be a Law!

I often applaud the widespread use of technology.  It empowers people and allow them to do more with their time.  However, there's one technology I wish would be banned, even erased from existence.

Have you guessed what that technology is yet?  Let me show more pictures:

Got it yet? Well, its that Magic Sing thingie!  Yes, it allows people to do their Karaoke singing at home.  However, if you live beside a house whose occupants are Philippine Idol rejects, you'll probably feel the same way I do now.  Here's what happened:

Last Saturday, one of the Philippine Idol rejects is celebrating his/her birthday.  All went well throughout the day, they had the usual birthday feast at home.  But as the clock struck 7:30 PM, the nightmare started -- they stated caterwauling until the wee hours of the morning.  Of course everyone at my place had trouble sleeping considering the infernal racket these (obviously) frustrated singers are causing.  To make a long story short, they ended at around 3:00 AM the following morning and I woke up Sunday morning with a splitting headache and an inspiration to buy a Mossberg in case they want to follow up their celebration the next night.


Oh, and don't give me that crap about them "merely celebrating"... they can celebrate the way they can as long as they don't disturb my sleep.

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Senor Enrique said...


ronald said...

i agree with you. ain't that public disturbance? wailers ought to be arrested. if they had wanted to sing, they should sing with a pillow strapped on their mouths.

empress maruja said...

Just to inform you, the correct and OFFICIAL site of Philippine Idol is (without the hyphen). The one you typed is a fansite.

Amadeo said...

Counting with my fingers, I probably have bought from the PI about 6 units of Magic Sing, which I gifted to my children here in the States. They are available here, but still much cheaper to buy there.

To them it is God-sent. Now all of them have learned to sing in public. Even their friends are amazed with the gadget.

One thing we do here though, we close our windows/doors when we have to raise the volume up. Beyond certain hours, it would be disturbance of the peace.