Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mousepad Renaissance

For the past two days, I noticed some sort of a renaissance for the ubiquitous mousepad. I haven't used a *real* mousepad in years since I got my laptop (which had a touchpad) and an cheap optical mouse for my desktop but I still see a lot of people insisting on using a mousepad despite of its obvious obsolescence... but I digress.

The first sign of the mousepad renaissance I found was the Racing Girl Mousepad:

Pretty slick huh? The breasts of the Racing Girl pictured above is actually a "gel" that's suppose to prevent stress on the users' wrist. Apparently it comes in two variants:

and you can sample the softness of the , uhm, gel without getting it entirely off of its packaging. Smooth!

Then today, news about a breast cancer organization has been putting these mousepads in internet cafes across the territory:

Breast Cancer Hong Kong: Breast mouse pad

Hmmm... renaissance indeed!

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Jon said...

OOOHHH! Love to have one of those.

Mark said...

san kaya nakakabili nito... meron n kaya d2 yannnn??:D