Sunday, August 20, 2006

TinyMailto: Innovative Way to Evade Spammers

One of the hazards of being active around the 'net is SPAM.  Sometimes its hard to avoid giving out your email address but this action makes it vulnerable to email-harvesting 'bots.  These email-harvesting 'bots scour the internet and they record all strings that looks like "" and it ends up being SPAMmed.

Enter TinyMailTo.  TinyMailTo obfuscates your email address by converting it into a URL.  So instead of putting in (btw, that is not my real email address), I can simply put in  To send me an email, put in the tinymail url on your browser and it will then ask you to verify that you are human using a captcha test.  Once you're done, you will be rewarded with my *real* email address.  Cool huh?

Thanks to Ashwin for the tip!

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