Tuesday, August 08, 2006

VMware (beta) for Mac (And other news from WWDC 2006)

A few hours ago, Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) has come and gone.  Apple users around the world waited for announcements for a souped-up Apple laptops, the Video iPod, the Apple iPhone and none of these were mentioned even in passing my Steve Jobs.

They did, however announced the availablility of the Intel-powered Mac Pro (high-end Apple desktop) and the Intel-powered XServes (Apple Servers).  They also discussed the features of their upcoming OS X Leopard. (see an account of the keynote here).

I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed with the non-announcement of their "dream gadgets" but as for me, I look at the bright side:  VMware will be releasing a version for the Mac.  This is great news for me because once it does become available, there will be more options to truly expand the capabilities of an Apple Mac.


So, how can this affect the average Mac user?  With a properly configured VMware installation, a Mac user can run Windows in parallel (pun intended) with OS X.  This means that if a Mac user needs to update his MSMoney, he won't have to restart his machine -- all he needs to do is run the virtual copy of Windows and do his MSMoney stuff.  In fact, he can do this on any Windows-only software without having to reboot his Mac (a requirement if BootCamp is being used at the moment).  An average Mac user can also "fool around" with other operating systems supported by VMware such as different flavors of Linux.

As a geek, this news alone made WWDC 2006 worthwhile.  I may not get the Apple iPhone of my dreams but I'll settle for the next best thing.

Question: Do you find anything "wrong" with the picture below?

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Platial Test said...

I would suggest that you check out Parallels for your virtualization needs. It is currently released and is much better (IMHO) than previous versions of VMWare.

Berniej said...

Quoting my blog:

With a properly configured VMware installation, a Mac user can run Windows in parallel. (pun intended) with OS X.

Yup, I'm familiar with Parallels but at $79 (around Php 4,000), Parallels *should* work better. If VMware follows the path it took on its Windows version (offering VMware player for free), Parallels may be driven off the market by this. Besides, VMware not only support windows (as I've mentioned in the blog) but it can also suuport other operating systems out there.

jun asis said...

any word when VMWARE for macs will be available? will it run on an ibook G4?

mac.n.tux said...

jun asis, I doubt if it runs on PowerPC. They would have released one before if they do plan on supporting it.

berniej, Parallels support Solaris and Linux, too! It is a worthy competitor that provides OPEN Beta testing rather than CLOSED Beta testing that VMWare is doing.

Another thing, Parallels will soon come up with *more* features. I know since I talked with the Parallels guy at WWDC! :P