Thursday, September 14, 2006

Raon Digital Vega: UMPC Done Right?

Calle Raon, a stretch of road that intersects both Rizal Avenue (Avenida) and Quezon Boulevard (near Quiapo). This street is famous for cheap electronics and *may* have pre-dated Japan's famous Akihabara by a couple of years. I remember going there in my youth just to ogle at electronic gadgets, audio component systems and other electrical devices.

I find quite amusing to see a Korean company named Raon Digital that specializes in electronics and they may have come up with a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) that may actually be usable, the Raon Digital Vega.

The people at Carrypad UMPC Journal liked the unit and as far as I can tell, it terms of size, functionality and overall performance, the Raon Digital Vega may set the standard in future UMPC design. The cost ($700 for the 256 MB model and $750 for the 512 MB model) is not bad at all.

Here's the lowdown on the specs of the Raon Digital Vega:

Manufacturer: Raon Digital
Model name: Vega
CPU type: AMD Geode LX 800
Screen Size: 4.3 inches
Hard Disk: 30 GB
Weight: 480 gm

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