Friday, September 22, 2006

SMS SPAM: This Time From SMART

As a "Technical Support Commando" (soon to be an "Information Security Ninja") in my day job, one of the things I need to do is to test newly installed systems before deploying them for general use. There is one system that is being tested that requires me to use the browser of my Treo 650. Knowing that using the GPRS of Globe extensively will definitely be a drain in my finances (diminishing my "gadget budget"), I had to think of a chaper way to use GPRS that is why I opted to activate my dormant Addict Mobile Prepaid (AMP) SIM Card which provides GPRS access that charges on a per 30 minute access versus Globe's per Kilobyte downloaded charging.

Accessing the things I needed was pretty easy and I was actually enjoying my tests then suddenly last night, I received these message on my phone:

From: 209
Message: MORE FREE! FREE ORDERTAKER na FREE KALABITPENGE pa! Txt FREETONE to 209. May extra pang, Tuloy Pa Rin by Metafour wen u subscribe to Wow tones. P15/wk

From: 209
Message: LIBRE tone 4 TODAY: BreakingFree fr HiSkulMusical. For mono txt LIBRE1 for poly txt LIBRE2 & send to 291. Walang bayad to! Txt na & b subscrbd 2 FREE service

From: 209
Message: [garbled garbage]

Question: Does the SMS SPAM moratorium already finished? Does SMS SPAM allowed again? I was a bit surprised by these string of messages which were all received by my phone at exactly 8:48PM last night since no one knows this number except my immediate family and very close friends and I use this number for data connection exclusively -- I rarely use this to send SMS or even do voice calls.

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