Monday, October 16, 2006

McDonalds MP3 Player Prize Is Infected with Trojan

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Last August, McDonalds Japan and Coca Cola had a promo wherein a customer has to send a "special code" printed on their softdrink cup via SMS to win an MP3 player. 10,000 winners got their hands on the MP3 player which were apparently pre-loaded with 10 music tracks but with an unexpected bonus: A Trojan horse program called QQPass!
Symantec considers QQPass as a "low-risk" threat **but** remember that the said trojan came in through a hardware device and was not transmitted via email nor the internet -- meaning QQPass enters the system through its proverbial "front door".

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Matt said...

McDonald’s Japan division has recently launched a promotional contest in which they are giving away 10,000 MP3 Players loaded with 10 songs. Unfortunately for winners, their MP3 prizes were loaded with saturated fats and sugar! A malware called “QQpass” was installed in the MP3 players which takes usernames and passwords from your computer to another computer. Sounds like a pretty awful prize huh? The solution McDonald’s came up with was to organize a 24 hour helpline and promoted their food at the same time with the helpline.
I just hope the next time I play McDonald’s monopoly in the States that if I win a digital camera it won’t poke my eyes out.