Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Official Support for WinXP SP1 Ended Yesterday (10/10/2006)

Don't look now but if you are still running Windows XP Service Pack 1, Microsoft's official support for your computer just ended yesterday (that is assuming that the copy of Windows XP you are using is *not* bought from your friendly neighborhood pirate at Greenhills).

Frankly, this should not come as a surprise since Windows XP Service Pack 2 addresses a lot of security issues that plagued earlier releases of the said OS. People that are still running Pre-Service Pack 2 Windows XP faces the daily risk of malware infection and if a clueless user has one, it is most likely be infested with trjoans, rootkits and other malware that renders it a "zombified" computer -- a computer that is under the complete control of shady characters which uses it to send out SPAM and copies of malware to other computers.

If you are still running a pre-Service Pack 2 Windows XP, do yourself and the cyberspace a favor, do a software update as soon as you can.

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