Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wibree: Yet Another Wireless Standard?

In the "olden days" (as my 6-year-old kid refer to any time beyond last year) Nokia started churning out cellphones with Ir (Infra-red) connectivity. However, these early model cellphones didn't seem to follow the Ir standards since it was very difficult to connect them to other devices such as a Palm PDA or even a computer. Nokia eventually got it right and now, most of their devices uses standard Ir connectivity standards which allows it to communicate with other devices wirelessly. They also came out with BlueTooth phones which also allows them to wirelessly communicate with other mobile devices.

With BlueTooth reaching its maturity, the computer industry is poised to launch a new, presumably faster, wireless connectivity standard called Wireless USB. But with the wireless USB standard still up in the proverbial "air", Nokia is proposing different standard called Wibree (not to be confused with WiBro) which is supposed to be some soft of "Bluetooth-on-steroids" kind of thing.


I can see it now, a battle royale between the tried and tested BlueTooth, battling the upstart Wireless USB and Nokia's Wibree. Who will win this wireless standard free for all?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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