Monday, November 06, 2006

Bluetie Your Business (or friends)

Bluetie is another web 2.0-looking online groupware that allows a user to create a group of up to 20 members for free. Everyone in the group can share a 5 GB email account, a shared calendar, contact list and files (any files) and it even offers SPAM and Virus protection for your emails.
Free Email, Calendaring & Sharing for Your Business
They also offer a "paid" solution that provides 10 GB of storage per user at $4.99 (Php 250) per user per month.


Martin said...

FYI: you don't share the 5GB of storage- each user has 5GB so there's a potential total storage of 100GB per account.

Martin said...

One more thing- We'll support international users starting next Thursday, November 16th!