Thursday, November 09, 2006

Core 2 Duo MacBooks Out Earlier Than Expected!

I couldn't believe it but the people at Cupertino has just released their Core 2 Duo MacBooks! Now my long wait is over and I'll be ordering one as soon as I can!
More muscle. Less moolah. The new MacBooks. Starting at just $1,099.
This processor-bumped model retains the price of the first batch of the Intel-based MacBooks ($1099 for the base model, $1499 for the black high-end one).

This will be my 3rd Apple computer and I just hope that it will be as sturdy as its predecessors. Now to shop around for a good deal on one.


Lawrz said...

There's always benedict to help you out :D

Berniej said...

I prefer to support authorized local resellers because should anything goes wrong with it, I can always bring it back to them. Yeah, I know that they will also honor those that are bought in from HK but letting them support a product not bought from them directly leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth.

erisac said...

I tend to agree with you, Bernie. Just got me a Nikon D80 here locally which I could have gotten in the US. But since I'll be using it here, I thought I might as well support the local merchants.