Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crayola MP3 Player: duh...

I'm still scratching my chin at this, Crayola -- THE makers of crayons -- has just released their "Crayola MP3 Player". This ovoid-shaped player has 256 Mb of internal storage (expandable via MMC or SD cards), blue backlit LCD capable of displayingID3 tags, dual-stereo headphone jacks and generally other features that are also present in no-name MP3 players from China.
Crayola MP3 Player
For $49.99 (approximately Php 2,500), the only thing that distinguishes this player from those no-name (or choose-your-own-name) MP3 players around the flea markets is its expandable memory. All other "features" are standard.

But I'm sure kids would love to have one... I know mine would.

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