Friday, November 24, 2006

EMI 911 rCard: Portable Medical Information

This is a wallet-sized electronic device that stores and displays medical information about its owner.
Information is displayed on its built-in LCD screen and the contents can be scrolled using the up and down buttons. Information stored on the card includes:

  • personal photo
  • name & contact information
  • family and doctor's contact information
  • medical conditions
  • medications and dosage
  • critical allergies.
Its built-in battery can last up to 100 viewings or two hours of continuous use. The "shelf life" of the battery is up to 7 years (if not in use). Data on the card can be updated via USB connection.

1 comment:

Kerry Rogers said...

In a disaster this thing would be invaluable. With infrastructure down, i.e. power, this could be the only medical record information available. Just think about the gulf coast and Katrina.