Friday, November 03, 2006

GMail Mobile!

Its been a long time since my last Google-related post so here it is:

GMail has quietly launched a mobile application for cellphones and it can be downloaded at and if your phone is supported, Google will ask you to download a Java midlet which when ran will give you a more pleasant GMail experience on your cellphone.

Nope, the Gmail Mobile application doesn't even remotely look like the picture shown above (but I have his compulsion to at least show an image of a phone on this post) but once the Java midlet connects to your GMail account, access to the e-mails (and attachments, if any) is blazingly fast!

The version for PalmOS-based cellphones requires the IBM Java VM and downloading/running the application on its own will cause your Palm to do a soft reset. The version for Nokia phones however will run right after download -- I assume that it is also the case for other Java-enabled cellphones.

Based on my experience and the reaction of a friend who downloaded it to his Java-enabled Nokia phone, Google has hit another home run with this one.

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