Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oki's Iris Recognition Technology: Cellphone Theft Deterrent and more...

With the Iris Recognition Technology for Mobile Terminals, cellphone users can how sigh a breath of relief and the peace of mind that another layer of protection will soon be available to them. Developed by Oki Electric of Japan, this technology can help lock out unauthorized users of a cellphone from ever using the unit if it is stolen.

It can also be used to authenticate users when doing online transactions, the users' iris can actually replace the tapping out of complex password to gain access to their online accounts. Oki Electric will be exhibiting this technology at the ITU Telecom World in Hong Kong this coming December.

If proven viable, this technology can then be ported over to computer applications, saving users from having to memorize at least half a dozen passwords to the different systems and applications that they need to access.

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