Monday, November 20, 2006

Pacman Fever!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Manny Pacquiao has won over whats-his-name and the Philippines was apparently "crime free" in the duration of the fight. I also know that Pacquiao has snagged lucrative endorsement deals amounting to millions making him one of the richest sportsman today.

But does the whole country has to stop to see two sweaty men slug it out until one drops unconscious? Does the government has to cause a big traffic jam just to welcome one of those sweaty men as he comes home?

Granting that he brought "honor" to the country by beating the heck out of his opponents (how civilized huh?) but does he really deserve all the accolades he is getting? Aren't we lowering our standards too much in creating so-called "heroes"? I understand calling our overseas workers as new "heroes" for sending their hard-earned money to give our economy a boost. I understand calling honest people who return large amounts of money to their respective owners as modern-day heroes but calling a boxer a hero?

I think I'm getting the Pacman fever... I'm getting sick of seeing and hearing about this so-called hero wherever I go. Bah! I think I better get a fresh pot of coffee going before I burst an artery or something...

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micketymoc said...

Count me in. He's only getting this much exposure because his sponsors, his entourage, and associated freeloaders are making loads of money off of this.