Thursday, November 02, 2006

USB Turntable: Rip Those Vinyl Records Painlessly

If you are an avid collector of vinyl records and also an avid user of the iPod (or any other MP3 Player), then this piece of gadget will be a godsend. Presenting the USB Turntable from
USB Turntable

This innocent looking turntable can make the conversion of those musci from vinyl records of to any digital format you want. Real handy for those really rare and hard-to-find records.
Image of USB Turntable
This player connects to any available USB port of your computer (it is "platform agnostic" meaning it works with *any* computer running *any* OS, be it Windows, OS X or Linux). Its bundled software will "rip" the music to MP3 (or any supported digital format).

Costing $227.70 (a whopping Php 11,385 -- painless does not always mean "cheap"), this may pay for itself if you are converting those old collectibles -- allowing you you to further preserve those rare vinyle records for posterity.

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