Monday, November 13, 2006

Zune Zeen on Ze Vilde

Engadget reports that the Zune is being prematurely sold on Best Buy in the Bay Area (U.S.A.). Here are some pictures:

and here's what awaits the early adopters:

cool huh?


Jerome said...

Hahaha...I like how the face of the girl matches the error!

80s Child said...

Error because to setup Zune you must connect to the Zune site which currently doesn't allow connection before the launch date, same with Xbox and PlayStation.

polo said...

wait na lang ako next year pag nag-bomb ang zune. like last week i got a 2.5 gb rio dap @ FYE for $29.99! U cant beat that like a sore dick!

Rom said...'s been told amost everywhere. the zune rules, but the software sucks.

Knowing Microsoft, we'll just have to wait on the fixes and updates