Sunday, December 03, 2006

Treo 680 in the Philippines

Around two weeks ago, a little birdie told me that the Palm Treo 680 will be launched locally at around the last week of November. Well, the launch happened and I think there are a lot of disappointed Palm fanatics out there.

A lot of "seasoned" Palm users are complaining that the local SRP of the Treo 680 is a bit on the high side (Php 29,800 or almost $600). Add to that the fact that inside it, its still a Treo 650 without the stubby antenna and that it comes in colored cases.

I say that the Treo 680 is still a Treo 650 inside because both phones share a lot of the same internals and the operating system the two phones are running are virtually the same (except for some patches).

Is the Treo 680 worth getting? If you are still using a Treo 600, then the Treo 680 is indeed an upgrade. If this will be your first SmartPhone, then by all means get the Treo 680. If you already own a Treo 650, then it would be better if you hold on to your unit for a bit longer.

Will I be getting a Treo 680 for myself? Well, if I can convince my wife to take my Treo 650 instead of asking for a new phone, why not?

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