Friday, February 16, 2007

I've Moved On...

This year (2007), I entered yet another phase in my professional life. I left 15++ years of tech support work and transferred to our company's Strategic Initiatives group. Although I'm officially an "Information Security Specialist", I mostly do strategic initiatives-related work. This new job is taking a lot of my time and I'm afraid I'll be neglecting this blog for a bit.

If you crave reading posts similar to what you see on this blog, head on over to PWiT -- the Philippines Week in Tech (see my blogroll for the link), a brainchild of a colleague. I'm first to admit that the content of PWiT is miles away from the trashy posts that I do but then again, the writers on that blog ARE much better writers than me.

So this is the tech talker signing out.... for now.

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ivanhenares said...

Just dropping by and checking out the Pinoy blogosphere!