Saturday, June 02, 2007

From Treo 650 to Nokia E61i: A Paradigm Shift

I've been a Palm user since the early 2000's. That's almost seven years of loyalty to a family of devices that was embodied by the so-called "Zen of Palm" -- a principle of keeping things simple and uncomplicated. However, I have somewhat matured in my choice of gadgets. The last Palm device I had (and actually still have) is the Palm Treo 650 -- a phone/PDA combo that fitted my life when I first got it. It did all I wanted and I was really happy with it.

But technology moved on but Palm seems to have been left in the cold. Their PDA line still uses somewhat outdated operating system (PalmOS 5.x). When the need arose, I had to opt for another phone. That's when the Nokia E61i caught my eye. I was actually tought I'll get a Samsung SGH-i600 but my experiences with Windows Mobile is not really pleasant so I took the plunge and got the E61i instead.

Th Nokia E61i is a Smartphone that runs Symbian. A really big jump from PalmOS. I'll the first one to admit that this phone is a big jump from my Treo 650. I had to change the way I use my phone because this doesn't have a touch screen. Instead, everything must be done through its QWERTY thumb board. The specific Symbian version this phone runs on doesn't have as much 3rd party applications as Palm but as long as it has a version of iSilo running, I'm a happy techie.

Now, my phone/PDA device can access data through wifi (which costs significantly less compared to data access via GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA). I have configured it to synchronize with the PIM data of my MacBook. I have also configured it to get emails from a newly created account I made through its bundled "Mail for Exchange" application. Another impressive bundled application is its "Podcasting" program -- it searches, updates and downloads my favorite podcasts!

I will be posting more Nokia E61I-related posts in the very near future. But in the meantime, I'll continue enjoying this new toy, and my paradigm shift.


Malo Hautus said...

I have got a Palm Treo and I am thinking of buying a Nokia e61i. It is very important for me that I can transport my contacts and my datebook to the new machine. Did you find this easy to do?

Berniej said...

Moving contacts to the E61i was done easily because I sync my Treo 650 with MS Outlook 2003. All I did was to run the Nokia PC Suite's Sync function and configured it to get all my contacts and calendar entries from Outlook.

Anonymous said...

ust got my 5800 (probably same for E71 or E61i or similar). After lot of trouble I was able to transfer all my contacts from Treo 650 to Nokia PC Suite.

1. From PalmOne Treo 650 transfer all contacts to your PC Palm Desktop using the software provided by PalmOne.
2. Export vCard. (exporting in any other format like *.csv *.txt is not working properly).
3. Then use Outlook Express. Outlook Express NOT Outlook ! Outlook does not work properly. After importing first contact it simply closes !
In Outlook Express open -->address book --> File-->Import -->Business Card. Select file and import.
Only problem is you need to import one by one. But you can do it real fast. I imported about 1000 addresses in less than 5 mins.
4. Do necessary changes in Outlook Express Address Book.
5. Voila ! Synchronize through PC Suite !!

I tried all other methods - but some info got truncated while transferring - even my mobile dealer could not help ! Most of my numbers in Treo had country code with +1 or +91. But while transfering this + got truncated. Airtel in India does not recognize phone numbers without this + character !