Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Try Out Linux with D@mn Small Linux

I have a theory. One of the reasons why Windows is so popular as a desktop OS is because it is easily pirated. Just visit your friendly neighborhood tiangge and you'll likely find a stall that sells bootleg CDs of all any versions of Windows. If there's a "no-sweat" way to try Linux on a computer already running Windows, then more people will see how Linux really work.

Enter Damn Small Linux (DSL). This is a light Linux distribution that will fit into a flash drive -- its only a 50MB download. Once downloaded and copied over to a flash drive, one only need to run a batch file to run Linux from within Windows.

Once DSL is running, users will be treated to an almost complete system that includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a web browser, even a media player. Damn Small Linux can also be directly installed to an old computer and make it usable again.

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