Saturday, July 14, 2007

Asus Eee PC Hands-on Review (again) has just posted another hands-on review of the $199(?) Asus Eee PC and the review itself is "mixed" at the most.

The reviewer says that the keyboard "takes some getting used to" but marvels at how it boots up in no time at all. He also praised the generous connectivity options available in the machine.

Now for the bad news. According to the same review, Asus is thinking of raising the cost of the 8GB variant of the Eee PC from $199 to $250, that means that I'll have to save an around Php 2,500 more on top of its projected local price of around Php 10,000!

But despite of that looming price increase, I still think its a bargain!

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cathycardia said...

Wait... ~P10000?
From how you describe it.. mukhang sulit na sulit..

Pero bakit parang mas mura siya sa Palm TX (nabili ko mga 17thou a few months ago)... sorry baka you can help me using layman's terms =)

Berniej said...

Hi cathycardia,

Php10,000 was the initial SRP Asus announced but apparently, they are adding an extra $50 (around Php 2,500) to that so it *might* end up costing approximately Php12,000. As I've said, still a bargain in my book and since my nephew will be taking the NCLEX exams at Hongkong on September, I may just have him snag me one of those then -- hopefully, no surprise price increase between now and September.