Sunday, July 08, 2007

I've Been Pownced!

A good friend of mine just sent me an invite to the newest Social Networking/Microblogging site Pownce!

Pownce: Send stuff to your friends

Pownce is basically an Twitter/Jaiku clone -- an online service (web 2.0?) service that allows its users to post "microblogs" -- one liners that basically states what they are doing or what their state of mind is.

Screenshot of the software

It also has a desktop client that eliminates the need to keep a web browser constantly open.

Is Pownce any better than Twitter or Jaiku? Well, I'll probably need a couple of days before I pass judgement. In the meantime, I have six pownce invites -- anyone interested? Just leave a comment and I just *might* send one over your way. :)

Oh, and my pownce page is at

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