Friday, July 13, 2007

Quick Tip: No Sweat .PDF to .HTML to Text Conversion

Last night, I needed to convert a .pdf formatted file to plain text so I can use my Nokia E61i to read the file on-the-road. After googling for a few minutes, I found this nifty piece of tip:

To convert a .pdf to text, send an email to with the .pdf file as an attachment. After a few minutes, Adobe's ADOBE ACROBAT ELEMENTS SERVER will email you back with your .pdf file converted to .HTML. To finally convert the file to plain text, I opened the attached .HTML file on my favorite browser, highlighted all the text on the file and did the usual "copy & paste" operation to my favorite text editor, saved it and copied it to my Nokia E61i.

So there! No need to install additional software, no complicated software hacks needed!

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