Monday, July 16, 2007

WTF: Policewoman in Hot Water due to Friendster Pictures

May ipagmamalaki ba
The National Police learned of the woman’s Friendster page when Corazon Santos, who introduced herself as a mother of two in Cainta, Rizal, sent an e-mail complaint saying her 9-year-old son had stumbled upon the photo, a close-up shot of a woman in a red bra.

Friendster’ picture puts female cop in hot water -- july14_2007

This is the hypocrisy at the highest degree. The girl is wearing a bra... IN A BEACH RESORT! What the heck's wrong with it? What do they expect the girl to wear in the beach? A "two-piece" consisting of a sweatshirt and jogging pants? To the PNP, let's get real here, the girl in question posted pictures of herself on her own Friendster page, she was wearing what was appropriate for the location where the pictures were taken. There are more important matters my money (as a taxpayer) are needed so go do your job and don't waste your time in senseless investigations like these.

And for the concerned parent who complained: you are responsible for what your kid does online. Instead of complaining, teach your kid how to use your internet connection properly. If you can't stand guard while your kid is surfing the web, install a fricking parental control program in your computer!

Here's what is reporting about the fiasco: PNP chief: 'Friendster' cop disowns 'indecent' photo

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Carlo said...

Poor woman.

Corazon Santos's 2 year old son had no business snooping around Friendster in the first place.

From Friendster's TOS:
"Eligibility. You must be sixteen or over to use the Website, register as a Member, or create a Fan Profile. Use of the Website and membership in the Service are void where prohibited. By agreeing to these terms or by using the Website, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement."

Carlo said...

Did I say 2 year old? I meant 9 pala. My bad.

Cyberpunk said...

ang OA ng nanay ha!


i don't find anything offensive with the's not like the playboy pictures of the american air force(?) lady...

Anonymous said...

damn...that was hot..hahaha... aasenso ang pnp at ang bansa sa pagtuligsa sa mga senseless na bagay,..
i got a freaking question here!
what's more offensive?, a lady in bra or a nude baby little girl, or a breast of a mother feeding her infant?
what's the answer?...
well its all in your intelligent minds...
well kung senseless, green minded and you were born during or below the beatles era, you know the answer...

for the mother of the kid...take my advice, blame friendster, pldt my dsl, meralco, bill gates, the japanese, resorts, the gods (for making your son see), and maybe even yourself lady....