Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New Non-Tech Obsession?

As a member of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group (PhilMUG), I can't help but take a peek at a looong discussion in the forum entitled "the moleskine club (and pens, inks, & papers)". I got intrigued by the discussions so I decided to buy an uber-cheap Inoxcrom fountain pen at the National Bookstore (similar but not the same as the picture shown below). Using that fountain pen, I started to do create some sort of a private journal but instead of writing kilometric entries, I enter short "twitter-like" entries of one or two sentences each.

Lo and behold, I may have found a new hobby here! I realized that writing on paper using a fountain pen is another experience altogether. The fact that I am taking specific effort in handwriting by using a special pen makes my writings a bit special. Now Im thinking of getting a better fountain pen in the coming weeks. My current pen is something a high school student would use and something a parent can actually buy for students because it costs less than Php 300(less than US$10).

I have to restrain myself before I splurge on more expensive pens...

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