Monday, August 27, 2007

PhilMUGGer "Hacks" iPhone: Its Finally Out In The Mainstream

This Inquirer.Net reports how a PhilMUG member who calles himself dubeditions has managed to make the iPhone work using local cellphone networks.

His method of "unlocking" the iPhone involves cloning a specific type of SIM card and revising some data in the cloned SIM. What's good about this hack is that there is no need to modify the iPhone hardware. All that needs to be done is to "activate" the iPhone using DVD JON's method. Then it then requires a cloned SIM card with some values changed to make the phone "think" that it is connecting to an AT&T network (despite of it being used here in the Philippines).

As always, there is a question of legality but since a user will be cloning his own SIM card, the act of cloning the SIM card is akin to creating a backup of your own hard drive data -- there shouldn't be any legal implications at all.

IMHO, LET THE HACKING CONTINUE... and liberate the iPhone!

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