Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good News: Worlds Most Powerful Super Computer Cluster running Windows, Bad News:...

Good news to Windows fanboys out there: A New Zealand-based computer scientist Peter Gutman says that a Windows-based computer cluster can be classified as one of the top 10 most powerful super computers in the world.

The bad news is this Windows-based super computer is a part of a botnet dubbed as the "Storm Worm Botnet".

So, how did this Windows-based super computer came into being? According to uberreview.com:

The Storm Worm has spread primarily through infected email attachments, video attachments and infected web pages. The most recent being a malicious .exe file on a page titled “Download Tor.” The rootkit that the Storm Worm installs makes it all but impossible to remove from an infected PC. If you have been infected with the Storm Worm, the easiest means for removal is a fresh installation of Windows.

Now, I'm really glad I'm running OS X and Linux.

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