Thursday, October 11, 2007

iPod Touch **Officially** JailBroken

This guide was originally written by Michael Douchebag at, I only modified it a tiny bit to meet the iPod Touch's small differences.

This guide is really only for (Intel only) Mac users, unless you can get a mac user to do most of this guide for you. PPC Mac users will just have to wait for the newer iPhuc to be released

This guide assumes you have already updated to version 1.1.1.
Jailbreak Guide - Touchdev

As for me, I'm still gathering enough testicular fortitude to do this myself. :)

But seriously, I think I'll wait for news from more courageous Touch users to do to this and await their feedback.

Edit: Great minds think alike! My good friend, Mac-a-doodle's doodler has posted something similar in his blog.

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