Saturday, October 27, 2007

ISO 20001:2005 Training!

Some of my readers might be thinking why I've been only posting pics for the past week.  Well, there's an important reason for this: I've been sent by my company to a week-long certification training on ISO 20001:2005 Lead Auditors Training.

ISO 20001 is basically BS7799 which, in a nutshell, deals mostly with Information Security audit -- an integral part of my career as an Information Security Specialist.  I will not pretend to know all the aspects of information security and this training has equipped me with the working knowledge of the standards I need to reference from time to time in order to do Information Security Assessment.  A big addition to my arsenal of knowledge because before the training, I am capable of doing the legwork in Information Security Assessment (Vulnerability Testing and Penetration Testing) but I hardly know anything about the pre-assesment part of my job (doing preliminary security audit).

Although I didn't ask for the training, I'm thankful that the company I work with has sent me to this one (it is an expensive and tiring week for me though).  Now I'm well on my way to being a well-rounded information security specialist. :)

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