Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Let the Hacking Continue: iPhone Jailbreak for Firmware 1.1.1 is Imminent!

One of the members of the iPhone "Rebel Alliance", Erica Sadun reports in TUAW that her fellow rebels at iPhone Dev has found a way to JailBreak the new iPhone firmware (version 1.1.1). She further reports that the procedure is not yet ready to be released to the general populace but I am personally confident that it will be by the next few days.

With this development, I am personally anxious to see if it will also work with the iPod Touch considering that the iPhone and the iPod Touch shares the same firmware version (1.1.1).

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Aja said...

I think this applies to iPhone as well.

Aja said...

Did I just say iPhone? I meant the iPod Touch. Sorry...