Saturday, October 20, 2007

MoFuse - Mobile-ize Your Site (or Blog)

MoFuse - Mobile Site Creator [Mobile Fusion]

Talkin' Tech is now more mobile-friendly!  Now people who surf the 'net using their wi-fi PDA, cellphone, internet tablets, or any other mobile device can view this blog in a form that is optimized for small-screen viewing all thanks to a service called MoFuse.  If you are viewing this blog using a mobile device, click on the "Mobile Version" thingie at the right side of the page (right under my cutie-patootie avatar).

The mobile version of Talkin' Tech looks pretty good on my iPod Touch so it will definitely look just as good on the iPhone.  But my mobile shines looks spectacular on my Nokia e61i.  It converted this blog into something that is so much readable.  Too bad it only displays the last 10 posts of the blog.  But then again, for the price of the service (free) this is a good way to expand a website's readership.

Happy mobile blogging!

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