Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SMS SPAM Galore!

In a span of less than 24 hours, I have received two fricking SMS SPAM (also known as SPASMS). Here's SPASM #1

From: +639152050115

Hi... We offer u ez& affordble CashLoan 50K-500K @ only 0.98%/mo. NoCol. Use4 CrdtCrd Pyoff, Tuition,Bsns,etc. We cn send u mor dtls tru Fax or Email. - jerome:)

And here's SPASM #2

From: +639054113460

CASH LOAN from CHINATRUST with interest rate of as low as 1.39% per month.We also have CARLOAN financing BRAND NEW or SECOND HAND UNIT,CAR MORTGAGE OR/CR only PAYOFF BANK BALANCE with an interest rate of 1percent per mo.,lower interest for brandnew.INTERESTED...OUR OFC.FNES.2974226.2973432,2973741,4877984 LOOK FOR MS.JINKY..

The second SPASM is especially irritating because it apparently comes from a well known local bank! If their strategy for getting more clients is to bombard them with unsolicited messages, then they won't get any business from me!

Is there a way to prevent my phone from receiving these unsolicited Text messages? I sure hope this post attracts the attention of the NTC.

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