Sunday, October 14, 2007

State of Talkin' Tech's iPod Touch Jailbreak

Yesterday, I said that I had successfully Jailbreak-ed my iPod Touch. I was enjoying my Touch with its 3rd party applications. I had fun installing and uninstalling 3rd party apps but there was one thing missing, Mobile Mail. I want to be able to access my emails on-the-go but something seems to be wrong with the steps I followed so I decided to re-do the Jailbreak and attempt to install Mobile Mail properly this time.

Here's what I did to achieve this. I'm not sure if I'll be successful but I just want to document the steps that I'm taking for posterity's sake.

  1. Connected my iPod Touch to my MacBook and did a "Restore" via iTunes. This will bring my iPod back to factory default settings.
  2. With that done, I ran the .TIFF exploit to enable me to browse the contents of my Touch.
  3. Proceeded to perform the JailBreak procedure as outlined here.
  4. Setup SSH as outlined here.
  5. Fixed iTunes as outlined here.
  6. Installed as outlined here.
  7. Installed Springboard hack as outlined here.
  8. Setup native iPhone apps as outlined here.
Just like yesterday, everything worked flawlessly *but* I still can't make Mobile Mail work although I did make Mobile Maps, Mobile Notes and Mobile Weather work flawlessly. I also installed the BSD Subsystem and Term Vt-100 to do some *nix stuff using

In th coming days, I hopefully will find a way to make Mobile Mail to work but in the meantime, I'll enjoy using my iPod Touch (which I now dub "iNewton"), especially my "killer applicaton"

Update: It turned out that the Mobile Mail program that I was installing was corrupted. I tried a package from a different source and now I can access my Gmail account using iPhone's Mobile Mail on my iPod Touch! Now it is worthy of its nickname of "iNewton"

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