Monday, November 12, 2007

AFP: Yet Another Way to Add Files to your iPod Touch/iPhones

The original way of putting files on the iPod Touch/iPhone is using command line SFTP (Secure FTP).  This method is efficient but not well-received by the community (who wants to use command-line interface anyway).  Then there's the method of using Cyberduck or FUGU, an easier way because of its graphical nature.

Now TUAW reports that someone has found a way to use AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) to work on the iPod Touch/iPhone!  IMHO, this is the better way to transfer files to your iDevice because it does not involve using a 3rd party application on your Mac (for Windows users... I think they can find a way to use this too).

I can't wait for this to become available in so I can give it a spin.

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Anonymous said...

In Installer, add source:
(source may be there already) you can find the AFP to download there, should be at the top of the list.