Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Preparing for My Eee PC

While driving home this afternoon, my good friend Bogs called me (yeah! I know! Talking on the phone while driving is bad!) to inform me that their Eee PCs are arriving today and if I wanted one, I should have it reserved because there are a lot of people on queue for them *and* he is offering it to me at an price I simply can't refuse/ignore.  I told him to give me some time to decide.  Upon arriving home, I decided to take the plunge and place my order for the elusive Asus Eee PC -- which is still a rarity in the local market.

If everything falls into place, I'll have my grubby little hands on the Eee PC tomorrow!

I know what I'm going into... I know that my Eee PC is running Xandros and I have no intention of tainting it with Windows (yet).  What I *will* do with it once I get it is to install my favorite open-source financial application Gnucash.  Anticipating this, I also included a large capacity SD card on my wishlist on my office's traditional "exchange gift".  I already have an 80 Gb external hard drive that I'm pretty sure will work with the Eee so I'm pretty much set.  The only thing that I *might* need to buy is a suitable bag for it.  I've also been lurking around eeeuser.com and I've learned a lot while browsing their forum.

People may ask: why get an Eee PC when you already have a fully functional MacBook *and* iBook?  Well, the Eee PC will serve as my digital "companion" whenever I need to travel light.  This will especially come in handy during my "car-less" days ("coding" in the Metro Manila, Philippines).  Whenever I'm car-less, I lug my MacBook around for around three hours, waiting for the time when I'm free to take my car out of the parking area to get home. With the Eee PC, I won't have to lug my heavy MacBook around the mall.  It will also come in handy whenever I need to do a presentation for my clients using its built-in presentation application.  Oh, and the my iBook is my "stay-at-home" computer and it is the computer that is being used by my kid (see avatar).

Now, all I need to do is to wait...

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