Monday, December 03, 2007

Asus To Release a 3.5G/HSDPA PCIe Card?

While browsing the Asus Eee PC Support website, I chanced upon an interesting download under "Utilities". The file is entitled "Utility for T500 on EeePC" version 1.0. The file weighs in at around 995.63 Kb and a quick download later, I opened its accompanying documentation. The word document was in Chinese but I found the graphics rather interesting... it shows a picture that says that the program is actually called "Asus Mobile Phone Tool".

A quick Google on the term Asus T500 yielded me results that are more interesting: Apparently Asus T500 is a 3.5G (otherwise known as HSDPA) PCIe Card!

In short, if Asus releases the T500 worldwide, it will give the Eee PC cellphone functions!

Just one question: How the heck would the Eee accomodate the T500 (as shown above)?

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