Monday, January 07, 2008

Reviving my Treo 650!

For almost a year now, my Treo 650 was in a "coma" -- it suddenly lost its sound. Being the kuripotechie that I am, I decided not to have it officially refurbished by Palm Singapore. During the time that my Treo was in limbo, it was relegated into an eBook reader/handheld gaming platform.

Until last Saturday... I was able to track down a stall at Goldcrest arcade in Glorieta Makati that repairs Palm PDAs cheaply. I had my Treo 650 fixed and for only Php800, my Treo 650 was fixed! The technician simply replaced my Treo's speakers (which incidentally looks like a watch battery) and the "operation" took less than half an hour.

Now, my Nokia E61i is "resting" while I'm re-acquainting myself with my Treo 650.

And here's a bonus: I was able to HotSync my Treo 650 with my Asus Eee PC. Interested in how I did it? See the step-by-step at NoypEee. :D


emmerdale said...

do you remember the name of the stall (if it has one), or at least how to get there? it's on 2nd floor right? i'm planning to replace the lcd of my tungsten w (as in basag sha)

Berniej said...

if I remember it right, the stall's name is PalmCo.