Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to My Mac!

Last November, I was lucky enough to be among the first few Eee PC owners.  I enjoyed the little beast immensely and by using it, I was able to brush up my "mad Linux skillz".  It had been my constant companion for months and I appreciated the fact that I get to carry some of my work with me without the risk of getting scoliosis.

Using my Eee, I was able to download and install Linux programs (a finance manager, a wireless network sniffer, Google Earth, etc.)... something I wasn't able to do with the other Linux boxes I used.  I was even able to chronicle my Eee PC experience on a blog called NoypEee.  But after 4 months of using my Eee, the downsides of the Eee finally got to me...  its small screen, small tackpad and small keyboard took its toll.  I'm currently working on a rather massive report which I find too hard to edit on the small screen of the Eee.

But good things never last... yesterday, I sold my Eee PC to my sister.

Now I'm back to working on my old reliable MacBook, which I intend to upgrade to Leopard soon.

As for the proceeds of my Eee PC's sale?  I *might* get one of the following:  An iPhone or a Nokia E90 or a Nokia N95.

Any suggestions?

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