Sunday, February 03, 2008

Google Earth + Sony Ericsson Z750i + bbTracker = Homebrew GPS Goodness!

A few days ago, I wrote about how I got hooked to the Sony Ericsson Z750i because of its GPS capability. I experimented with it a bit more today and I was really impressed at how it can be integrated with Google Earth and plot my travels/commute.

I did this integration using a 3rd party Java application called bbTracker. bbTracker is a small application that plots a course logged from the Z750i. Pretty useless in itself because it only displays some lines and coordinates on the phone's screen. But bbTracker has a feature that exports the plotted course to a file (either .KML or .GPX format) and that's where the fun begins. With the use of Google Earth, a user can import the file from bbTracker and see where he has been on Google Earth!Just this morning, I walked to my brother's house and used bbTracker. The .KML file I got from it was pretty accurate and I had a kick looking at the path I walked on Google Earth!

Oh, and did I say that this is my new obsession?

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Anonymous said...

I have that phone and i am still trying to figure out the gps thing. Do you need another thing like a receiver or it's ll in the phone? Help me out.

Berniej said...

If you have the Z750i, GPS is built in and it can be accessed on the Location Service menu

Anonymous said...

I see the menue, but what i mean is that you need a gps receiver with you for it to work? Right?

Berniej said...

The Z750i has built-in GPS receiver so it should work. It may take some time to get an initial fix from the GPS satellites but once it does, you'll see it working well with the built-in Google Maps of the phone.